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Things to Do in Denver This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day 2020 is just around the corner, and while many consider the holiday to be cheesy and commercialized (and perhaps a downer for those without a significant other), for others it’s an exciting and romantic way to celebrate that special someone in their life. For those who do celebrate it, some feel enormous pressure to create the perfect Valentine’s Day date. Thankfully, Denver has plenty of unique and romantic locations and things to do that are sure to impress your guy or gal.

Get Away to the Mountains

While there are plenty of festive activities to partake in throughout Denver, sometimes nothing is more romantic than getting away from it all with just you and your partner. The nearby Rocky Mountains offer endless opportunities in that regard.

Winter camping can be a great option for the adventurous pair looking to face the elements. While the bitter cold of the mountain regions presents a challenge, there’s a silver lining to it: less people! With the proper gear and preparation, Colorado winter camping can be just as fun and comfortable as in the summer.

As much as being cold can be a good excuse for cuddling, it won’t be enough at 10,000 feet of altitude in the dead of Winter! Make sure you have an appropriate sleeping bag that’s rated for 10 degrees or lower. Also consider taking a propane tent heater for added warmth throughout the night.

For those willing to shell out a bit of cash, consider upgrading to a yurt for your winter outing in the mountains. Most come equipped with a wood furnace and plenty of firewood to keep you and your partner warm and toasty—if you’re willing to get up a few times throughout the night to feed the fire. The yurts at Never Summer Nordic come highly recommended, but due to their popularity, require reservations many months in advance.

Go Ice Skating

Although many see ice skating as a cliché dating activity, it’s with good reason: it’s fun, affordable, and festive. In Denver, it’s also very accessible; the skating rink at Skyline Park sits right on the 16th Street Mall in downtown, and stays open through February 16. On top of that, the rink is FREE to skate, seven days a week!

Go on a Romantic Dinner Date

For lovers looking for a unique and romantic dining experience, there’s no shortage of Valentine’s Day-themed dinner destinations in 2020.

The Downtown Aquarium comes to mind with its annual Romance Under the Sea event, where couples can enjoy a four-course meal with two glasses of champagne, all with fantastic views of the marine life on display.

If you’re seeking a more traditional experience, consider indulging in Coohill’s Valentine’s Day menu, offered from February 14th to the 16th. $85 per person will get you six courses, or for $135 you can also receive wine pairings.

For a complete list of romantic dining destinations in Denver, visit the Denver.org website.

Visit the Botanic Gardens

At $12.50 per person, a visit at the Denver Botanic Gardens is less than the cost of many bouquets. The Gardens offer a variety of collections and exhibitions, but one of particular interest during the “month of love” is the Love Potions from the Vine Tour, featuring an array of aphrodisiacs and a look into the romantic activities of tropical plants. The Botanic Gardens even has a bistro where you can grab a bite to eat after the tour.

Ride in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Experiencing the 16th Street Mall during Winter can be a marvelous experience on its own, but it’s even more exciting in a horse-drawn carriage! Irish Rose Drafts offers downtown carriage rides throughout the year. Packages range from $139 to $211.

Visit a Denver Park

If you live in Denver, chances are you’re not too far from one of many of the city’s parks. Many of them have much more to offer than green space and walking paths. Visit the Skyline Beer Garden for a drink, or attend one of the many events held at Civic Center Park throughout the year. Washington Park comes to mind as a great romantic destination. Take a stroll through one of the flower gardens, or rent a paddleboat for a fun ride on Smith Lake.