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3 Things Vacation Resorts Don’t Want You to Know

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So, you’ve decided to go on a swanky vacation to an exotic place. You’re going to rely on the comprehensive services of a vacation resort to provide you with a complete experience. Comfort, luxury, and a grand experience are just around the corner, right? Well, maybe.

The reality is that many vacation resorts—especially chains like Sandals or Carnival Cruises—pride themselves on being a ‘full-service’ provider of everything you could need on vacation. This goes for things like alcoholic drinks, meals, and even basic personal hygiene services like showers, baths, or spa services. Some vacation resorts in exotic places like Thailand or Bali even offer showers as an ‘enhanced’ service!

Among all of the larger vacation resorts, there are three key things that none of them want you to know. To better prepare for your exhilarating getaway, keep these things in mind, and develop your itinerary accordingly.

#1: It’s perfectly acceptable to pack and consume your food.

This may seem strange for people setting out on vacation to somewhere exciting, but packing snacks and meals can save you a ton of money. It can also end up being more nutritious, especially if where you’re going lacks diversity in the food on offer.

The reason vacation resorts don’t want you to know this is because they make a lot of money on food sales. If you planned on replacing just a single meal a day with the food you pack yourself, your entire vacation could be a lot cheaper!

#2: You don’t have to buy a t-shirt, memento, or sand sculpture from the gift store.

It’s incredibly tempting to buy things that will remind you of the fun time you had on vacation. And, it’s perfectly acceptable to yield to this temptation to a point. But, when the allure of cheap little doodads and location-specific novelties starts taking up all the space in your carry-on luggage, it might become a problem.

Don’t think you have to get a heap of novelty vacation reminders, especially when the camera on your phone can provide you with unending reminders in the form of great pictures!

#3: Local supplies and services can cost a lot less than what the resort offers.

This is especially true for cruise lines. When you have a choice to either experience the local culture in the way of restaurants and retail stores, at least investigate it. Many vacation resorts want you to stay within their confines and spend your money with them, not with the thousands of other businesses within quick traveling distance.

The next time you start planning for your next great vacation, keep these three handy tips in mind. They might just save you from a difficult time recovering from unnecessary vacation spending!