Container Veggies You Can Grow Yourself

    Container Veggies You Can Grow Yourself

    Nothing tastes better than straight-from-the-garden vegetables. Planted by you, ripened by the sun then into the salad means you know exactly what you’re eating. You don’t have to worry about harmful pesticides or chemically enhanced growing when you’re babying them yourself.

    However, most urban backyards don’t have the space for a full garden. Don’t let this hinder your gardening enthusiasm though. There are plenty of vegetables, fruits and herbs that do well as potted plants.

    Vegetables: Most vegetables require larger pots and they all require part to full sun so be aware of this.

    1) Tomatoes are at the top of the list as far as most productive potted vegetable. You will want a pot large enough to accommodate a “tomato cage”. The plant does require a significant amount of sunlight, 5-6 hours is the daily minimum so consider this when potting them.

    2) Beans do well in pots because they are typically climbers or the bushier varieties grow upward. You will need a sturdy trellis for support.

    3) Peppers and chilies are not only productive in pots, they also provide a colorful, attractive addition to your patio. They will require a very sunny and warm location.

    Fruits: Most fruits require sunny locations and well-drained soil.

    1) Lemons are easy and fairly low maintenance as far as pot grown fruits. The small trees with dark green leaves and yellow fruit also add an aesthetic appeal. They do however require a sunny, warm location and must be brought inside to survive cold winter temperatures.

    2) Strawberries are also known for being easy to grow in containers. This tasty fruit doesn’t require a large pot. Find a pot that sits on deck or balcony railing and you will love how the foliage trails out its container.

    3) Blueberries are perfect for pots, especially if your local soil is not acidic. Use an organic soil made for azaleas or other acid-loving plants and a large pot in a sunny location.

    Herbs: Because of their aromatic properties, herbs are wonderful pest deterrents making them a must for any patio or balcony garden.

    1) Basil does extremely well in containers. It will provide a zip to any meal or salad.

    2) Mint is hardy and great choice for containers because of this. If planted in a bed, it will quickly take over. It makes a wonderful uplifting tea.

    3) Oregano is another pot-grown favorite. All varieties do well in containers and will add flavor to all of your Italian dishes.

    If you have limited backyard space or live in an urban high rise, gardening is not out of the question if you consider container growing.