Kenneth Pettine

Kenneth Pettine

Mr. Kenneth Pettine (retired) trademarked the phrase, “Friends don’t let friends get fused,” and founded The Rocky Mountain Associates in Orthopedic Medicine in 1991 with the sole goal of ensuring his patients had non-fusion surgical options.

One of the many fascinating things about Mr. Kenneth Pettine is he has been the principal investigator for 18 Food and Drug Administration studies involving nonfusion implants, biologics, and stem cells according to his website.

Kenneth Pettine has been featured as one of the top 50 Spine & Specialist Surgeons to Know in America and has numerous accolades and honors and research publications about his work.

As the co-inventor of the FDA-approved Prestige™ cervical artificial disc, and the Maverick Artificial Disc™. His extensive background in spinal surgery, research and rehabilitation are second to none.

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