Purifoy Chevrolet Colorado

Why Colorado Chevy Owners Turn to Purifoy

Chevy is one of the most popular car brands in the United States and is also the manufacturer of the popular Corvette. Since Chevy is such a popular brand, it’s easy to find them at any old new or used dealership, but Colorado residents have been visiting one dealership for more than five decades. Why are so many Colorado residents turning to Purifoy Chevrolet for their Chevy needs?

Purifoy Chevrolet has been operating in Colorado since 1960, but there’s no trick or secret that’s kept their doors open so long, simply a strong customer-service driven philosophy. Roland Purifoy founded his dealership on integrity, honesty, and ethics which never go out of style. Since day one Purifoy and its staff live by these three principles and have helped thousands of Chevy buyers across the Rocky Mountain region. In 1993 Purifoy was awarded Time Magazine’s Quality Dealer Award, an award that Roland Purifoy nicknamed his “Oscar” and proved that his philosophy worked well enough to be nationally recognized.

That philosophy of integrity doesn’t end when you purchase a new or used Chevy. Purifoy extends their award-winning customer service to extended warranties and service plans for your purchase or personal Chevy and other GM models. Purifoy’s shop is insurance-endorsed, so if your Chevy gets in a fender bender, you can make it like new again with Purifoy’s skilled service department.

The focal point of the entire Purifoy operation is the classic Chevrolet Corvette. Since 1984 owner Rollie Purifoy has concentrated its focus on being the best of Corvette dealers in Colorado. All members of the staff from sales to service knows everything there is to know about this American icon and will share that knowledge with you. This includes Corvette regular maintenance, upgrades and customizations, and even parts for your classic. If you need a good ally in maintaining your precious Corvette Purifoy is the one to help.

There are several reasons Purifoy has kept its doors open for half a century, and it all begins with customer service. Purifoy’s dedication to honest business practices and the iconic Corvette puts it head and shoulders above the competition and will help keep them open for several more decades to come. Interested in used Chevys or Corvettes for sale? Consider the Purifoy difference!

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