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Vail Ski Rental Outfit Offers Versatility for Riders

There are several reasons that most choose to rent their skis or snowboards instead of buying. If you aren’t skiing or snowboarding frequently the cost of purchasing your own, maintaining it, and lugging it around an airport or jamming it into a rental isn’t worth it.

Most hit the slopes with rented equipment and while convenience and affordability are two great reasons to rent, one Vail ski rentals outfit reminds us there’s another reason to rent – versatility. American Ski Exchange in Vail Village promotes renting for convenience, low-cost, but also for the options renting allows riders.

Unless you have the resources to buy several types of skis or snowboards, it’s a safe bet that you will purchase one set or one board. With that purchase, you have already accidentally pigeon-holed yourself into a board or skis that is either a basic all-around set that will be good but not great on many types of terrain or good on only one type of terrain. You may not realize it but purchasing your equipment may limit your riding.

Imagine you’re an experienced skier and want to experiment with several types of terrain during your three-day ski trip. The first day you want to ski moguls, the second day you want to hit backcountry powder, and the third day you want to work on aggressive jumps and tricks. These are three very different types of skiing and enjoy specialized skis.

American Ski Exchange endorses rental over purchasing for many reasons, but their stance on versatility makes them unique among ski shops in Vail Ski Resort. American argues why limit yourself to average skiing over diverse types of terrain when you can experience the best of any type.

Along with their versatility, American Ski Exchange highlights convenience as a no-brainer for anyone renting. When you’re done skiing moguls, drop off your mogul skis when the lifts close and pick up new skis the next morning. American Ski Exchange doesn’t just provide a range of board and ski types but expert help in determining the best rental for what you want to do.

Skiers and boarders rent for several reasons including convenience and the low-cost of rental, but American Ski Exchange wants riders to remember rental offer gives you a range of options too. The combination of versatility, affordability, and convenience has made American Ski Exchange a popular choice in Vail for over 30 years for locals and visitors alike.

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