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Hundreds of Denver Homes at Risk After Shoddy HVAC Work

A local Denver heating, venting, air conditioning (HVAC) outfit is under fire after hundreds of Denver homes were found to have shoddy workmanship and repairs performed on their HVAC systems. The company is now no longer allowed to operate in Colorado. The Colorado Attorney General’s office company has been investigating Mile High Heating and Cooling LLC for over two years and recently pulled the company’s business license due to the low-quality of work.

Colorado investigators found Mile High ran a ramshackle organization and operated on principles not seen in reputable companies but on fly-by-night workmanship and intimidation tactics. This poor workmanship included a staff of poorly trained technicians and some technicians with no experience at all.  Mile High avoided their shoddy workmanship being discovered by not pulling permits on their local work and not having them inspected by third-party organizations. The investigation on Mile High started when it was discovered the company improperly installed a furnace for a 94-year-old customer and created a dangerous situation in her home.

The dangerous and shoddy workmanship could affect several Colorado homes found throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs area. If you had work performed by Mile High, it’s recommended you contact the state’s Attorney General’s Office and a local, reputable HVAC service to check over Mile High’s work.

The Importance of Doing Your Homework Before Hiring

The Mile High Heating scandal reinforces the fact that every homeowner should be doing their homework before hiring any other contactors, especially for something as important as your home’s HVAC. Castle Rock-based Front Range HVAC offers tips for avoiding shoddy workmanship and scams including looking at reviews of the company, being certain they’re registered with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) chapter, and asking any potential hire for a list of referrals and testimonials before signing. Front Range HVAC has been operating in the Castle Rock area for several years and has seen its fair share of its scammers and encourages proper research as the primary way to avoid a heating and cooling disaster in your home.

Mile High may have done wrong by their customers, but the metro area is loaded with reputable and local contractors like furnace repair Denver experts that encourage customers to research before hiring. By checking a few boxes and making a few phone calls you can avoid the headaches that come from companies like Mile High.

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