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Gym Management Software Company Practices What They Preach

There are many negative labels that can be contributed to any company, and one of the worst is being known as a hypocrite. Customers can spot a phony a mile away, and the proliferation of branding on the internet means companies better be practicing what they’re preaching, or they’ll quickly find themselves losing customers. ASF Payment Solutions is a payroll-processing and gym management software firm that doesn’t only want to make and sell gym software but wants to help people get off the couch and into the gym. A fit society is a profitable society, and ASF wants to be part of the solution. Let’s get some inspiration from what the higher-ups at ASF do to stay physically fit.

A Little Bit More About ASF Payment Solutions

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Alon Fluxman – Chief Information Officer

Alon has found his passion for exercise in spin classes. He believes that his 4-5 spin classes a week have not only helped his heart and lungs but have helped alleviate pain in his back. “Sitting at a computer all day, I recognize the need to get away from my desk and break up my day with a workout,” says Alon.

Robert Riches – President

Don’t try to get one by Robert Riches, President of ASF, unless you think you can get one by on a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Though Robert doesn’t do as much Tae Kwon Do as he used to, you can still regularly find him in the gym working on strength with free weights, cardio for his heart and lungs, and yoga for balance and breathing.

Sean Kirby – Vice President of Client Relations

Sean uses exercise to help battle a blood clotting disease. Sean can be considered a “gym rat” as he has a regular training regimen of five days of functional and weight training and one day of rest. Says Sean, “We all have challenges, but working out is as beneficial for me mentally as it is physically.”

Christie McPherson – Client Training Manager

ASF’s client training manager is all about exercise. Christie can be found in the gym almost any day of the week or outside hiking, and even instructs cycling classes in her spare time. Christie talks the talk and walks the walk.

ASF loves to help gyms manage their client bases and grow, but they know a gym’s primary reason is to get people in shape. That’s why ASF practices what they preach and gets their employees moving. When companies follow their industry – good things can happen.

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