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Couple Elated After Finding Lost Wedding Ring

A Manchester couple found relief after Sutherland citizens helped to reunite the couple with a wedding ring lost while the two were vacationing there.

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Andrew and Lindsay Lord of Eccles, Manchester love to visit Brora and Sutherland where they get to relax at the Links apartments owned by a family member. The newly-married couple was there to spend the new year holiday in the village and enjoy a great meal at the Royal Marine Hotel, but when the couple returned home, they were horrified to discover that Andrew’s platinum wedding ring was missing.

“Our rings are extra special – they were handmade by a local jeweler, and we were so upset to find it missing.” Said Mrs. Lord, a specialist nurse for people with multiple sclerosis.

The Lords immediately called the resort and hotel but no luck. The couple was forced to return to Sutherland to find the missing ring. They began retracing their steps of that fateful day and after hours of searching, couldn’t find it.

Luckily fate was on their side. They received a message from Morga Sutherland and a copy of a Facebook post stating that someone had found a gentleman’s ring in the handicap stall at the courthouse at Hogmanay, exactly where the couple had been. “We were so excited. This had to be our ring and to find it on the day we had set off north was amazing,” said Lord.

Catherine Macangus is the employee who had the ring and who had to make the Facebook post to find its owner. “A member of the public handed the ring to us from our disabled toilet just after New Year. It was in our safe keeping until last week when I put the post up on my page and asked everyone to share, I swear within a couple of hours it was claimed!” said Macangus.

The Lords were elated to find their missing ring. The couple had met as teenagers before going their separate ways and meeting again years later. They were even given a dram by Michael Hanratty of the Carnegie Courthouse’s Whiskey Cellars, another location visited by the Lords the night they lost the ring.

The Lords expressed their appreciation for all who helped on the journey in a statement: “We cannot thank enough the kind member of the public who found the ring in the courthouse and handed it in, Catherine who posted on Facebook that it had been found and Morag who sent us a copy of the post.”

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