Kenneth Pettine

Colorado’s Most Respected Stem Cell Researcher Launches New Website

Just yesterday I ran into a friend who was telling me he needed a spinal implant. He mentioned he’s researched quite a few potential providers but found that information relating to non-fusion stem cell therapy was hard to find. This is when I told him about the all-new, Kenneth Kenneth Pettine is a retired orthopedic surgeon located just north of Denver in the small town of Johnstown, Colorado.

Mr. Kenneth Pettine trademarked the phrase, “Friends don’t let friends get fused,” and rightfully so. In addition, he founded the prestigious “Rocky Mountain Associates in Orthopedic Medicine” to ensure his patients had non-fusion surgical options.

From being the principal of numerous Food & Drug Administration studies to receiving multiple honors and being a distinguished speaker, you can rest assured you’ll get only the best information available on stem cell therapy at

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