Auto Injury Law Veteran Offers Tips for Getting the Personal Touch

If you find yourself laid up after a serious auto accident that was someone else’s fault seeking an attorney to protect yourself and make you’re treated a crucial step to take. There are several auto injury lawyers and firms in any given area but how do you find one that treats your case with importance? Colorado-based auto accident attorney Mitchel S. Drantch of the Auto Injury Law Offices discusses how to find a firm that will get you that individualized touch.

3 Tips for Getting That Personal Touch

Aftermath of an auto accident

How Many Cases Are They Juggling?

How many cases is the law firm taking on? Are they quantity or quality based? You don’t want to be shuffled through the process like cattle so be certain any law firm you hire pays good attention to all cases they’re overseeing. Reviews and testimonials can help you infer the time each case receives but personal referrals are your best chance of getting a one-on-one time insight.

Who’s Looking at My Case?

If you’re hiring an auto injury attorney to review your case be sure the attorney you’re hiring is reviewing the case themselves and not passing it down the pipeline to a rookie attorney fresh out of law school.

Conduct interviews with any attorneys before hiring and ask directly, “How much will our case be handled by you?” and “How much one-on-one time can we expect with you?” Ask the attorney who will be answering their phone calls, who is submitting their casework, and delve into the type of service you expect to receive. If the answer isn’t what you want, move onto the next attorney.

Do They Specialize in Anything Else?

Drantch recommends asking any potential hires what type of law they specialize in. Ideally, you want to hire a firm that only assists with personal injury cases. A law firm that offers many specialties is usually only average in those specialties so look for a firm that is interested in your type of case only. Double check to see if they assist with both personal injury claims and claims on property damage resulting from the same accident for a well-rounded experience.

If you’re looking to get a personal touch when hiring an injury lawyer look at their caseload, reviews, who are reviewing your case, specialization, and more. By picking an attorney with these qualities, you’re most likely to get the best outcome and have the least stressful experience.

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